Colorful Red and Black Braided Rope Cord Necklace


  • Red & Black braided rope necklace handmade in USA



  • Paracord black and red rope cord

  • Silver plated spacer rings

  • Silver plated  back end caps

  • Size 16 inches adjustable to 20 inches and can be customized


Care Instructions:

In order to maintain and extend the life of your necklaces, follow the instructions below:


  • Avoid contact with water, detergents, chlorine, perfumes, lotions, spray and gels.

  • Remove jewelry before showering or cleaning.

  • Metal should be wiped gently with a dry cloth before putting it back into the jewelry box.


Colorful Red and Black Braided Rope Cord Necklace

SKU: RP125
Color: Red/Black

This Gorgeous Red and Black Braided Rope Cord Necklace with Silver Rings is a casual  and elegant style that can be worn to any occasion. The necklace is made with black and red paracord rope cord, silver plated spacer rings and silver plated back end caps that can be adjusted between 16" to 20".

  • All my necklaces are handmade by myself with love, passion and dedication.
  • All necklaces can be made any size, just remind me in note for seller.
  • Please let me know if you have any suggestion to add. 
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  • All necklaces are made to order and take approximately 2-3 days to process your order and ship it.
  • Shipped worldwide from United States.